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Anti-slip and sand blasted glass

There are ranges of anti-slip glasses available which have an etched/raised pattern on the walking side to generate slip resistance. The slip resistance you get depends on the type of glass you choose and this ranges from a PTV of 18 to 57 (R9 to R11).

As this is specially manufactured glass it does have a slightly reduced maximum size when compared to normal toughened glass (max usable size 2210mm x 3170mm). It is also available in a clear design or an acid etched finish for privacy through the glass unit.

A sandblasted finish to a walk on glass structure is the standard option. A full 100% sandblasted finish to a glass floor will achieve a PTV (Pendulum Test Value) of approx. 50 in wet conditions. In most projects, a PTV of over 36 is classed as a slip-resistant surface so a sandblasted surface offers a good level of anti-slip.

Sandblasted glass offers a translucent finish to the glass surface. That means that you will still achieve high levels of light transmission (most sandblasted finishes only reduce the light transmission of the glass by 10%) but the glass will offer a ‘private’ finish, meaning that you get no vision through a walk on glass unit.

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